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aNT+ iNTEGRATION and Show route on upper right overhead map

Most bikes on trainers have aNT+ sensors. Combine that with a USB stick that reads this info (like the one that comes with most garmin HRMs) and you could use the actual pedaling cadence or speed sensotr to controll the pace of playback. Also for imported gpx routes, it would be nice to see the route on the upper right map.

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under review  ·  AdminKen (Admin, Real Indoor) responded  · 

We have done an integration with Arduino in the past but this was more hardware oriented.

ANT+ support would be great – question is how many people would use it so the effort is justified. We will look into. One issue is that we do not have such an ANT+ device ;)

About the imported GPX route we thought it would be shown on the upper right map – if this is not the case something might go wrong.

Are you using your own map or a web-based one which we could try?



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    Heh... we allready have ANT + dongle plugged, speed sensor installed... for what these Arduino??? Why so why complicate life with this way?)

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